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Who We Are

We are a Sewing and Creative arts studio which offers classes and workshops.

We are a space for creators and makers who want learn new skills or improve the ones they already have.

We provide the knowledge, space, equipment, tools and inspiration to help make your project  a success. 

Our open access studio time provides space, equipment, tools, and inspiration for all of your sewing needs.


Do you have a project in mind (think Pinterest) but don't have the space or equipment needed? Not sure where to start?

Book some time at the studio and let us help you make your projects a success  and ensure the results your looking for and deserve.


We have classes and other creative workshops for ages 8 to 80.

Class and  workshop sizes are limited to 4 - 6 to provide individual attention as required.


We focus on fun and stress free learning.

We provide all the tools and equipment needed (you don't even have to own a sewing machine), but you may have to provide supplies as indicated in class descriptions.